"I support this union because I believe for museums to survive, they need to change."
"I believe the DAMWU will provide a much needed avenue for transparency and communication thoughout the museum, as well as providing the same level of stability and safety to is workers that higherups already possess."
"It's time that employees are given more of a say in their service to the communities that visit our museum and I strongly believe that a union will give us that voice!"
“Being apart of something bigger than myself feels exciting. To know that I have the power to bring change for the better towards my amazing coworkers is very inspiring. I hope we can inspire others to do the same!"
“I support our right to unionize because I believe that our institution is such an important space for community and culture, however, I don't believe that this success should come at the cost of our staff and sustainability in the future.”
"The DAMWU is in the pursuit of a workplace that values fairness and open dialogue. Together, let's build a stronger, more equitable future.”
"I want to be a part of the museum world for a long time, so part of my duty is speaking and acting to make sure that museums are the catalysts for change I know they can be.”
"I want to see change from the admin level down to improve our work environment and reduce stress levels across the board.”
"I support our union because I see the hard work and dedication my fellow coworkers put into this job, and I also see that effort not being fairly compensated by the institution."
"I support our collective voice in nurturing our mission for openness, collaboration and accountability.”
"We should be able to keep working at the DAM without worrying about financial instability and our voices not being valued.”

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