Community Letter of Support

You might not know all of us. We are the workers who make the museum run. We are the people who work in the store, help you find your way, and tell the stories of the museum’s great works of art.

We deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We, as workers, should all be paid fair wages, have benefits, and have job security.  

The Denver Art Museum is a leader in the museum industry. We believe that we can only achieve our organization’s goals by tapping the talents, experiences, and expertise of all our staff. We are proud to work here and look forward to a strong partnership created through organizing our union.  

Sign our community letter to support DAM Workers United and encourage the museum administration to stay neutral and to recognize our union.

Dear Denver Art Museum and Leadership,  

As members of the Denver community, contributors to the Scientific Cultural Facilities Division (SCFD) tax, and as supporters from beyond Denver and Colorado, we stand in support of the employees of the Denver Art Museum in the formation of their union, Denver Art Museum Workers United (DAMWU).

Because we recognize the importance of the museum in enhancing the lives of all members of the community and the empowering value of self-expression that art holds for us all, we call upon Denver Art Museum leadership to ensure that a safe and neutral environment is maintained where all workers may speak without fear of retaliation and leadership remains neutral throughout the organizing process. We hope that as an institution centered on artistic expression that the freedom of expression and creativity of your employees will not be stifled and that you will extend to them the courtesy that you extend to your donors and your members.

Throughout Denver, the cost of living continues to rise while wages in the nonprofit sector have largely stagnated. This is unsustainable and threatens the standard of excellence we have come to expect from the Denver Art Museum. By signing this letter of community support, we stand in solidarity with all employees at the Denver Art Museum pursuing a living wage, a more democratic workplace, and the opportunity to excel in an environment that they are passionate about.

In respecting the right of your employees to organize and by voluntarily recognizing Denver Art Museum Workers United, you put into action the humanistic values of creativity, curiosity, dynamism, inclusivity, and respect that are part of your philosophy.

With respect and in solidarity,

Jay A, ECU
Muhammad Abdullah, Local Artist
Sean Abernathy, Community Member
Jazmine Abston, Community Member
Christina Adamoli, IATSE LOCAL B-7
Jack Adams, Community Member
Phoebe Adams, Cultural Worker
Nicole Aelion, Community Member
Sol Aldinger, Clyfford Still Museum
Gwyn Alexander, Museum Member
ikaika alexander, Community Member
Emma Allen, Community Member
Elise Alvarez, Community Member
Alexis Amber, Cultural Worker
Dara Amott, SEUI/Urban Peak
Hortencia Anaya, Community Member
Julia Anderson, Community Member
Shane Anderson, AFSCME Council 57
Jennifer Apodaca, Community Member
Kristell Arauz, Community Member
Steven Arauza, Community Member
Hollis Archibold, Community Member
Monica Arck, Community Member
Isabel Aries, Denver Newspaper Guild
Faviola Armendariz, DCTA
Sharon Arnold, Cultural Worker
Isabela Artola, Community Member
Maria Aschenbrener, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Nicholas Baer, Community Member
Penelope Baggs, Community Member
Charles Ballas, Community Member
Patricia Barajas, Community Member
Charla Barnish, Cultural Worker
Kevin Barona, Museum Member
Evan Barone, Community Member
Paloma Barraza, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Deider Barrick, Cultural Worker
Lisbet Barrientos, Denver Art Museum
Maitte Barrientos, Museum Member
Annie Barthel, Community Member
Mary Baxter, Supporter
Lisa Baxter, Community Member
Alejandra Beatty, Boulder Area Labor Council
Ethan Begalka, Community Member
Patrick Bell, Community Member
Phillip Beluscak, Community Member
Wendy Bergman, Colorado Education Association Staff Organization
Elizabeth Berrier, Community Member
Gabriella Betance,
Terin Blake, WITCH Denver
Leila Blal, Community Member
Leslie Bloom, Roosevelt University
Rachel Boatright Crow, Community Member
Kendra Boblett, Community Member
Sean Bocinsky, Community Member
Jazzy Boggs, Community Member
Elizabeth Bola, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Anthony Borders, Community Member
Joanna Bouldin, Community Member
Hannah Boyd, Community Member
Ashley Boykins, Getty Museum
Zach Brake, Community Member
Elisse Brautigam, Community Member
Edward Brennan, Museum Member
Abraham Brennan, Museum Member
andrea brito, Community Member
Lawrence Brogan, Community Member
Travis Brooks, Community Member
Michael Broughton,
Stephanie Broughton, Community Member
Isabella Brown, Artist
Marisa Brown, Clyfford Still Museum
Brad Bruce, Denver DSA
Logan Bruni, Cultural Worker
Emily Bryant, Community Member
Ashlin Buchanon, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Alan Bucknam, Museum Member
Allison Budaj, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Josiah Buhre, Candlelight Dinner Theatre
Kay Burke, Community Member
Terry Burnsed, Colorado May Day Club
Alicia Bush, Community Member
Gabriel Butler, Community Member
Sadie Butler, Cultural Worker
Levi Cadwallader, Museum Member
Danielle Cadwallader, The Denver Art Museum
Raymond Cadwallader-Teets, Community Member
Joseph Calabresi, Artist / illustrator
Yolanda Calderón, Museum Member
Felipe Cantuaria, Community Member
Jessica Caouette, Community Member
Maddie Cappa, COWINS
Nathalie Carlo, New Orleans Museum of Art
William Carman, Ghost Tapes LLP
eran cartwright, Community Member
Kelli Carver,
Natasha Casey, Union Member
Kevin Castillo, Community Member
Alisa Castleton, Maui Wave Riders
Safira Castro, Museum Member
Ben Cathcart, Other
Harvey Cathcart, Community Member
Adreana Cerda, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Gustavo Cervantes, Concerned citizen
Embher Chaffin, Community Member
Victoria Chang, Community Member
Carol Chase, Employee family member
Carol Chase, Employee family member
Sean Chase, Denver Art Museum Employee
Alicia Chatten, Community Member
Grant Chayet, Community Member
Cynthia Chelton, Community Member
Brennen Cheron, Museum Member
Callie Cherry, Wentworth Institute of Technology
Kaitlin Chmil, Patron
Ritah Chumdermpadetsuk, Community Member
James Clarke, Community Member
Andrew Cohen, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Andrew Cohen, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Jordan Cohen,
Emily Coleman, Service
Lisa Cooper, Community Member
Anna Cooper, Museum Member
Ted Cooper, Community Member
Isaiah Cordova, Community Member
Sharron Cornell, Literary Volunteers of America
Justine Cornwall, Community Member
Carly Correia, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Erin Cousins, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Tamika Cox, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Taylor Cozart Stovall, Member of DTEA Teachers Union
Sydney Crain, Denver Public Library
Anabel Crawford, Community Member
Caitlin Crow, Museum Member
Richard Crow, Museum Member
Sandr Cue, Disruptive Ink
Leonardo Cumplido, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Cris Cunningham, Museum Member
Stephen Curd, Lavelle Designs
Zachary Cuttriss, Community Member
Lara Damabi, Cultural Worker
Brandon Daniels, CWA7799
Theresa Danna, Self
Theresa Danna, Attend the museum when in Denver
Alice Darner, Community Member
Dee DaSilva, Community Member
Bryan Daugherty, Community Member
Robert Davidson, Friends
Lexi Davis, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Hanna Davis, Community
Linette Davis, Community Member
Chris Day, Community Member
Emely De Jesus, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Pablo de la Rosa Santiago, Union Member
Darian Dean,
Eva DeAngelis-Glasser, Cultural Worker
Morgan Deegan, Community Member
Anne Deegan, Self employed
Jerry Dennis, IATSE Local B7
David Dent, Family member of Art Museum employee
Justin DePrekel, IATSE 600
Sarah Díaz, Union Member
Ryder Diaz, Cultural Worker
Michell Diaz, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Jennifer Dillon, Community Member
Sid DiPasca, Artist
John Dix, IATSE Local 52 New York
Alie Dobson, Community Member
Díana Dominguez, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Rachel Dorschner, Community Member
Malachi Dray, Union Member
Madalyn Drewno, Community Member
Anna Duarte, Museum Member
Cassidy Dubarton, Union Member
Thad Duhigg, Art Professor
Kellen Dunn, Community Member
Michelle Duran, Community Member
Emily E, Community Member
Elizabeth Eccles-Ambrose, Denver Art Museum
dylan eldridge, Community Member
Talis Elliott, Community Member
Ellery Ellison, Artist
Rawan Eltayeb, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
DAM Employee,
Jensina Endresen, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Katelyn Evans, Cultural Worker
Karen Everingham, Illinois State Museum
Megan Farlow, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Tori Fearce, N/A
Rachel Feirick, Community Member
Jason Fennell, Me
Alenka Figa, AFSCME Local 1215
sherman fingerlin, Community Member
Marilyn Fingerlin, Museum Member
Laurie Finnegan, Community Member
Laurie Finnegan, Community Member
Erin Finney, Finneys Inc
Luke Fish, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Sarah Fisher, Friend of Union Member
Ryan Flannigan, Museum Member
Chris Folsom,
Ashley Frangella,
Sydney Freeman, Community Member
Dylan French, Community Member
Terry Frost, Seiu
Terry Frost, Seiu
Eduardo Gabrieloff, Museum Member
Makena Gadient, Seattle education association
Ivana Gadient, Business Owner
Robin Gadient, Community Member
Jena Gagliano, Community Member
Stella Galani, Independent
Stella Galani, Independent
McKenna Gale, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Moriah Gallagher, Community Member
hunter Gallegos, Community Member
Carmen Gallegos, Community Member
Maxine Gallegos, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Melissa Gamboa, N/A
Perla Garcia, Community Member
Weather Gardner, Community Member
Maureen Garelick, Community Member
Ernest Garibay, Colorado Education Association
Alex Gavin, Community Member
Judy Gehrke-Gilbert, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Erin Geideman, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Neil Gertiser, Community Member
Megan Giberson, Community Member
Alexandra Gifford,
Erika Gill, Alternative Milk Magazine
Sophia Glickman, Community Member
shelby glover, Union Member
Eliana Goldstein, Community Member
Simon Goldstein, Community Member
Rick Goldstein, Museum Member
Sheila Goldstein, Museum visitor
Alejo Gonzalez, Union Member
Hannah Good, CWA
Alan Goodrich, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Valerie Gough, Valerie Gough MFT
Sam Grabowska, Cultural Worker
Rachel Grammes, Cultural Worker
Jennifer Gray, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Zoe Gregoire, Community Member
Dominique Guillen, Community Member
Debbie Guillen, Community Member
Suzanne Gunn, Community Member
Drew Gutierrez, Museum
Joie Ha, Community Member
Noa Halpern, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Nicholas Hammerberg, Cultural Worker
Jeff Hammerberg, Hammerberg & Associates, Inc.
Warren Hammond, Community Member
Khalid Hamu, Community Member
Soleil Hanberry Lizzi, Jefferson County Open Space
Alex Hanna, Alex Hanna Lighting Design
Loren Hansen, Colorado History Rides
Justine Hanson, Concerned Citizen
Natalie Harcrow, Community Member
Kaitlyn Hardgrove, Union Member
Sara Harenda, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Gordon Harless, Business Owner
Gabriel Harris, Community Member
Ethan Harris, Community Member
Jolee Harston, Community Member
Jacob Harvey, Community Member
Shelby Haverda, Community Member
Arthurenia Hawkins, Arthurenia M. Hawkins
Jackie Hay, Community Member
Andrew Hayden, Community Member
Shelby Healy, [email protected]
Dominique Heckart, Cultural Worker
Kalyn Heffernan, Artist (wheelchair sports camp)
Jack Heimerman, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Neyla Heller, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Sam Hensley, Museum Member
Elizabeth Herman, Cultural Worker
zach hewitt, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Joseph Hicks, Community Member
Rhonda Higdon,
Amanda Hill, Community Member
Benjamin Hintze, local 68
Ashley Hobart, Denver Public Library
Max Hogan, Community Member
Tamara Hoke, Employee Friend
Rachel Holloman, Community Member
Darrin Hoop, Renton Education Association
Brooks Hosfeld, Community Member
Lindsey Housel, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Jennifer Howard, Community Member
Aaron Howerton, Community Member
Katlyn Howery, Community Member
Mike Huber, Denver Democratic Socialists of America
Dr. Lynn Huber, Retired Educator
Kaiya Hughes, Community Member
Lincoln Hulbert, COWINS
ashley hunt, Community Member
Hannah Hunter, Union Member
Spencer Hurley, Community Member
Gabriel Hutchings, art’s professional
Leah Iknayan, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Sloane Irwin, Community Member
Tatiana Isaza, Community Member
Julie Jablonski,
Janee Jackson, Community Member
Cassie Jackson, Community Member
Katherine James, Community Member
Hailey Jamieson, Community Member
Sierra Jelks, Former Employee
Dylan Jenkins, Other
Kristopher Jenkins, Denver art museum
Cat Jensen, Center for Colorado Women's History
Harper Jocque, Museum Member
Ginger Johnson, Community Member
Stephen Johnson, Community Member
Peter Johnson, Community Member
Erin Johnson Schmitz, Cultural Worker
Sophia Johnson-Grimes, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Cyanne Jones, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
brin jones, Community Member
Hannah Jones, Community Member
James Junge, Community Member
Jack Kabel, Community Member
Dominique Kaniatobe, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Maggie Kantor, Community Member
Andy Kaskubar, Spouse
Jeff Katcherian, Culture Academy
Lauren Katzive, Museum visitor
Robert Katzive, Visitor
Bonnie Katzive, Museum Member
Anna Kaufman, Museum Member
Mark Keitzer, The Church of Satan
Ray Kemble, Afterglow
Karen Kendrick, Community Member
Meg Kettelkamp, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Jessica Kiely, Cultural Worker
Lucas Kiesel, Museum Member
Emelihter Kihleng, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Lisa Kingsbury, Community Member
Jami Kiser, Salarytransparent Street
Lauryn Klaasse,
Melissa Klausing, Denver Public Schools
Lena Knechtel, Community Member
Emily Knight, Community Member
Max Kohen, Community Member
Galatea Kontos, TeaMaria Studios
Patricia Kopperl, Community Member
Krystin Krause, Community Member
Mar Kummerman, Community Member
Yin Min Kyi, Community Member
Sukhbir Lamba, Visitor
Matthew Lancaster, Museum Member
Jamie Landa, Community Member
William Landolfi, DC 37
Stephanie Lane, Community Member
Micaela lapeer, Community Member
Brittni Larson, Community Member
Therese Lauritano,
Therese Lauritano, Community Member
Samantha Law, Museum Member
Maggie LaWare, Community Member
Zac Layman, Regular museum visitor
Joseph Leach, FastSigns Lakewood
Alysha Leader, Other
Allene Leak, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Eden Leal, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Kiva Lee, IBEW LU 68
Francisco Lemos, NJT Rail operations
Aaron Lemos, Community Member
Lilly Lenning, Community Member
Madeline Leroux, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Liz Levine, Community Member
Laura Levy, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Bryan Lindstrom, colorado Education Association
Maya Linke, Denver Art Museum/Scenic Designer
Kris Loerwald, Museum Member
Marie Lopez,
Marie Lopez, Visitor
Elias Lopez, Community Member
Khayman Lopez, Museum Member
Addie Lopshire-Bratt, Community Member
Bea Lor, Community Member
Pao Lor,
Royal Lott, Concerned Citizen
Meisha Louise, Community Member
Marisa Loury, Denver Urban Gardens
Trudy Lovato, Cultural Worker
Teresa L Lowry, none
Cindy Loya, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Cindy Loya, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Jolene Lozow, Community Member
Steven Lynch,
Ashley Lyons, Community Member
Kyle Lysek, Community Member
Matthew MacDonald, Museum Member
David Madeira, Community Member
Bella Malherbe, Museum Member
Liisa Malkki, Stanford Iniversity
Kathleen Mallach, Community Member
Harrison Mangels, Community Member
Lacey Manuel, MCA Denver
Anna Marfleet, Cultural Worker
Billie Mari Grant, Community Member
Sophie Mariam, Museum Member
Mimi Marlow, supporter
Maria Marquez, Community Member
Sylvia Martin, Community Member
Savannah Martinez, Community Member
Savannah Martinez, Community Member
caroline masters, Community Member
Nicole Matos, Community Member
Lily Mattingly, Community Member
Joe Mayall, Community Member
Sydney Mayes, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Beck Mayhew, Community Member
Joseph McCart,
Amy McCullough, Community Member
Bryan McDonald, Museum Member
Aly McDowell, Community Member
Zach McHale, DSA
Will Mcintyre, Community Member
Emma McMorran, Georgetown University Art Galleries
Zach McNealy, Museum Patron
Mary Meade, Community Member
Mary Meda, Met museum of art
Mary Meda, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Tennille Medbury, tourist
Meghan Meehan, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Jonathan Melrod, retired from UAW
Harry Mersmann, San Joaquin Delta College Teacher's Association
Sheila Messmer, Museum Member
Alex Middleton, Community Member
Valerie Miles, Community Member
Gregg Miles, Valerie Miles MD PA
Lisa Miller, Business Owner
Robert Miller, Community Member
Leigh Miller, ACE Hardware
Laurie Miller, Cultural Worker
Madeline Miller,
Juliette Miller, Community Member
Tara Miller, Community Member
Deborah Mindry, Community Member
T. Mitchell, Community Member
Drew Mitchell, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Ailyn Montes, Community Member
Michael Montoya, Community Member
Olivia Mooney, Community Member
Andi Morago, Community Member
Trena Morse, Community Member
Robert Mosher, Retired!
Joseph Mosqueda, Concerned Citizen
Emerald Muller, Community Member
Sam Muniz, Museum Member
Garrett Munsey, Museum Member
Anita Murray,
Manon Nadeau, Community Member
Valerie Neff, Community Member
Annelise Nelson, Community Member
Jamie Newman, Community Member
Christine Nguyen, Community Member
Anna Nica, Community Member
Alice Noble, Community Member
Holly Nordeck, Artist
Holly Nordeck, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Jim Norris, Mutiny Information Cafe
Nick O, Community Member
Pacific Obadiah, Business Owner
Madeline Ohaus, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Jessica Olivas, Community Member
Alison Orthel, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Lorri Orwig, Someone who visits the Denver Art Museum
Alicia Osland, None
Cynthia Ovando, Visitor on vacation
Lincoln Oxford-Pickeral, Community Member
Misti Oxford-Pickeral,
N P,
Breigha Pachak, Community Member
Katie Padgett Walsh, Professor
Sarah Padilla-Fast Horse, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Sommer Page, Fellow artist and friend of worker
Zoey Palmer, Community Member
Elena Pandres, Community Member
Anna Panella, Community Member
Andy Paolo, Community Member
Allison Parker, Conner Prairie
Kimberly Parker, Community Member
Danielle Parr, Community Member
Brandon Parr, Community Member
Ashley Parr, Community Member
Jamie Partridge, National Association of Letter Carriers
Annika Pavlik, Museum Member
Garrett Payne, Community Member
Seth Peck, Community Member
Derik Penny, Cultural Worker
Caoimhín Perkins, Community Member
Jessica Pierce, Community Member
Brianna Pimental, Community Member
Luke Pohjala, Community Member
Victoria Pommells, Community Member
Jarrad Pond, Community Member
Zachary Pozniak, Tide Cleaners
Jerry Pozniak, Jeeves NY
Jerry Pozniak, Jeeves NY
Alexandra Pozniak, Denver art museum staff
Vivian Price, California State University Dominguez hills / California faculty association
Donny Price, Community Member
Diane Price Herndl, University of South Florida
Aleta Prom, Community Member
Parker Pross, Community Member
Christins Pyle, Community Member
Rae Quinn, Storm King Art Center
Joseph Quinto, Clyfford Still Museum
Dale Race, Community Member
Juan Ramirez Anzures, Denver Public Library
Riley Ramsay, Artist
Lane Randall, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Gabriela Recinos, Community Member
Matthew Reddick, Community Member
Hamilton Reed, Museum Member
Josh Reitze, Community Member
Renée Reizman, Cultural Worker
Peter Remmen, Museum Visiter
Jan Remmen, Museum visitor
James Renola, Democratic Socialist of America
Gisselle Reveles, Union Member
Zuly Reyes, Community Member
Isabel Jane Rhoades, Community Member
Stephen Richardson, Community Member
Melanie Rikkers, Community Member
Billy Rivera, Community Member
Damaris Rivera, Community Member
Lauren Roberts, Community Member
Sarah Robertson, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Abby Robinson, Community Member
Olivia Robles-Myers, Community Member
Eilex Rodriguez, Community Member
Kait Roelofs, Union Member
Baily Rose, Community Member
Madison Rose, Community Member
Jillian Rosen, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Jillian Rosen, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Shylar Rothell, Cultural Worker
Elijah Rothell, Community Member
Elijah Rothell, Incognito Tattoo Studio (PA)
Katherine Rothery, Museum Member
Natalie Rudd, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Lauren Ruffner, Community Member
Amihan Ruiz, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Jeannie Ryan, Community Member
Nitti Sachdeva, Citizen
Daniel Saenz, Community Member
Leslie Sahler, Business Owner
Andrés Salcedo, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Amanda Samy, Community Member
Breezy Sanchez, DPS Teacher
Hannah SanMiguel, Community Member
Sofia Santos, Art History Student
Sara Satkowiak, Regis University
Willem Sauermann, I work at Banh and Butter Bakery on Colfax!
Amanda Sauermann, Community Member
Laria Saunders, Laria Saunders Art
Bonnie Schaaf, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Nicole Scheiblberg, Community Member
Sarah Schenkein, Museum Member
Erin Schilling, Cultural Worker
Michael Schleider, Business Owner
Madison Schosid, Community Member
Olive Schubert, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Heather Schulte, Museum & community member, local artist
Halie Schumann, Community Member
Anthony Scorzo, Communications Workers of America Local 7777
Sarah Seely, Community Member
Bean Ser, Community Member
Gerakina Sgoutas, Community Member
Cerene Shepard, Strange Onstage
Miyana Shively, Community Member
Taite Shomo, Museum Member
Robert Silverman, Museum Member
Marley Silverman, Cultural Worker
Milo Silverman, Museum Member
Olive Simon, Oakland Museum of California
Yevgenia Simonova, Community Member
Alex Skees, Cultural Worker
Kristen Skuba, former member of the museum
Hans Slade, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Amber Sliter, Community Member
James Sloan, Museum Member
Beverly Sloan, Community Member
Jacob Small, Denver classroom teachers association
Amy Smith, Museum Member
Kel Smith, Communications workers of america
Sandra Smith, Community Member
Tanner Smith, Community Member
Jordan Smith, DNG Local 37074
Ellie Smith, Community Member
Andrew Smith, DC37/AFSCME
Braden Solt, Community Member
Jackie Solt, Friend
natasha Soltero, Community Member
Max Soo, Community Member
Dee Sousa, Community Member
Aaron Sousa, DoDEA
Meghan Spellman, Community Member
Sarah Spero, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Julie Spiegleman, Museum Member
Stephanie Spindler, University of Northern Colorado
Kathryn Stainton,
Katelyn Stenger, Unit #508
Susan Sternlieb, Museum Member
Holly Stigen, Denver Center for the Performing Arts Center
Matthew Stingel, Museum Member
Danielle Stoiber, Artist
Leslie Stoupas, Museum Member
Maria Stoupas, Museum Member
Joanne Stratton, Osher Lifelong Learning @University of Denver
Margaret Strumpf,
Samantha Stump, Community Member
Cory Sturgis, Artist
Andrew Sullivan, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Elizabeth Sullivan, Community Member
Eliot Swank, Museum Member
Desean Sweazie, Friend
Leah Swenson, Community Member
Paxton Swisher, Starbucks
Michael Sze, Denver Art Museum
Adele Tamboli, Community Member
Sarah Tanous, Community Member
Kitt Taylor, Community Member
Grace Taylorgoodall, Museum Member
Lily Techa, Community Member
lindsay temple, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Daranee Teng, Community Member
Ashtyn Thomas, Community Member
Andrew Thompson, COWINS
Samantha Thompson, Community Member
Tim Tiebout, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Mariel Tilley, Community Member
Philip Tobias, Philip Tobias Enterprises
Amanda Tobin Ripley, Formerly UAW Local 2110
Benjamin Torres, National Air Traffic Controllers Association (member only, not representative)
Connor Travis, Unaffiliated, Friend of DAM employees
Ana Trevino, Community Member
Erin Tsai, Community Member
Charlene Tung, Professor and California Faculty Association member
Sham Tzegai, Community Member
Urban Peak Union, Urban Peak
Victoria Valenzuela, NA
K Valverde, The Cleveland Orchestra
MOREYN VAN FLEET, I support this effort as an American.
Noah Vanderburgh, Community Member
Paul Von Blum, UCLA
Cale Vorreiter, Community Member
Gary Voss, Retired Professor of Art, Colorado State University
Christina Vu-Pham, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Ethan Wade, Museum Member
Mackenzie Wagner, Community Member
Allison Walbridge, Community Member
Haleigh Wanchena, Artist
A. Ann Wand, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Eliza Ward, Meredith College
Arrison Warner, AFSCME Local 328
Ronnie Washington, Community Member
Jamie Wasinger, Community Member
Victoria Watson, Community Member
Miquette Wells, Community Member
Chris Wells, Community Member
Zach Werkowitch, Colorado WINS
Amanda Wessels, Community Member
Eli West, Cultural Worker
Keith West,
Brandon Western, Friend & Appreciator
Ryan Wherley, Member, AFSCME Local 720
Jeffrey White,
Amanda Williams, Cultural Worker
Henry Willson, Community Member
Nicole Wilson, Community Member
Alex Wilson, Community Member
Brian Winkler, CWA Local 7777
Talia Winokur, Community Member
Marilyn Winokur, Coloradans for the Common Good
Allison Wojciechowski, Community Member
Rhiannon Womack, Community Member
Willie Womack, Community Member
Courtney Woodruff, Cultural Worker
Noah Woolard, Community Member
Samantha Wuestman, Community Member
Kelsey Yallop, Museum Member
Maya Youcef-Toumi, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
TraMaine Young, Community Member
Eli Zain, Denver Commubity Fridges
Monica Zamora-Harris, Museum Member
Leanna Zamosc, Former Denver Art Museum Employee
Benjamin Zari, Museum Member
Marnie Dobson Zimmerman, Healthy Work Campaign
Justine Zollo, DMNS, Former DAM and Clyfford Still Employee