Adrian Lemos

Hello!! My name is Adrian, I'm an environmental science & policy advocate employed at the Denver Art Museum! I was given the amazing opportunity to work with the museum after years within the service sector. At each of my previous jobs, I've maintained a mantra of 'kind & compassionate service' as a way to contribute to the community. I believe that museums inherently hold the keys to the past and future through their collections of historical, cultural, & scientific knowledge. The power that a museum holds to influence future generations through carefully explaining historical contexts is invaluable in my eyes. Museums not only help to protect cultural artifacts and significant artworks, but also contain priceless memories for all people, no matter their background. I love working at the DAM and interacting with people, both children & elders, while sharing the knowledge I've learned through my years of study! It's time that employees are given more of a say in their service to the communities that visit our museum and I strongly believe that a union will give us that voice!