Rebecca Miles, Gallery Host

“I support our union because it ensures that those of us who dedicate our lives to the arts have a collective voice. We deserve to have our voices heard, our concerns addressed, and to collectively contribute to making the museum an even better place for everyone – both employees and visitors. We are advocating for the well-being of all who contribute to the cultural richness that the museum brings to Denver. For the DAM to be the best it can be, the experience of its staff should be fair, equitable, and collaborative. Every single one of us deserves to thrive, not just survive. 

I love my job and my co-workers. - I’m inspired every day by the people that I work with and the art that surrounds me. The museum is an incredibly important space where everyone can experience the transformative power of art and art history to change lives. There is so much potential for the DAM to be an even brighter beacon of wonder, inspiration, and creative experience, and that starts with us - the workers."